In exchange for your support, we will actively promote your business.  Our annual events typically include a “Bike Expo” at the Inland Empire Century Ride in May, and one other event in the fall, such as “Ride the Reactor" or a "Ride with a Ranger" National Park Service event. Due to the COVID Pandemic there is some uncertainty about the exact schedule of anticipated events in 2021.  Special arrangements are available for “in kind” product or service sponsorships (in lieu of cash).  Sponsorships of at least $100 cover the annual membership fee for the business owner and family.

$3,000: Title Sponsor  (limited to one business)

        Includes Titanium benefits listed below, with thelargest headline” logo

        All events “presented by” your business and includes public address opportunities at events

$1,000: Titanium Sponsor (no limit available)

        Includes Carbon Fiber benefits listed below, with a “Large-sized” logo

        Receive frequent “shout outs” promoting your business on social media

$500: Carbon-Fiber Sponsor (no limit available)

        Includes Aluminum benefits listed below, with a “Medium-sized”  logo

        Be recognized in “shout outs” promoting BTC events on social media

$250: Aluminum Sponsor (no limit available)

        Includes Iron Sponsor benefits listed below, with a “Small-sized” logo

        Opportunity to set-up a promotional booth and offer branded material at events

$100: Iron Sponsor (no limit available)

        Includes annual membership, with business name listed on promotional material for the year, on social media and t-shirts

Annual Membership:  ($25 individual, $40 family)

        Includes a Bike Tri-Cities “rapid-dry” tech t-shirt and a Bike Tri-Cities sticker. 

Donations or sponsorships may be made payable to “Bike Tri-Cities” and mailed to: PO Box 4634, Pasco, WA 99302,     or donations may also be paid online at: 

Thank you for supporting your bicycling advocate for our community!

Please visit our Facebook page for updates on our activities, accomplishments and local bicycling advocacy opportunities or news.  If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Doug Wadsworth at or Hector Cruz at   Bike Tri-Cities (formerly 3 Rivers Bicycle Coalition) is a 501(c)(3) charity registered with the Washington Secretary of State’s Office UBI # 602993392.  Consult your tax advisor regarding the possible tax deductibility of your donation or sponsorship.

Bike Tri-Cities

PO Box 4634

Pasco, WA 99302


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