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  • 21 Feb 2023 11:08 AM | Stephanie Haug (Administrator)

    The City of Pasco is interested in providing a vital connection for vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians across I-182. The proposed Road 76 Overpass project is a new, multi-modal connection that will connect two historically separated communities within the City of Pasco by joining Road 76 between Burden Blvd and Chapel Hill Blvd. This project will help to relieve congestion on the Road 68 corridor and provide pedestrians and bicyclists with a safe connection across I-182

    Road 76 Overpass | Social Pinpoint (

    For more information, please visit out Project’s website.

    News Flash • Pasco, WA • CivicEngage (
  • 1 Sep 2022 8:52 AM | Stephanie Haug (Administrator)

    Wheelhouse Community Bike Shop is gearing up for the Wheelhouse/Trips for Kids Mid-Columbia Fall Adventure club ride series to start on Bike Your Park Day, Saturday, September 24, when we bike from the Port of Pasco to Sacajawea State Park during the Heritage Festival. Registration will open this week, and they are seeking adult volunteers. Here is some information from Wheelhouse Community Bike Shop:

     Why We Need Volunteers

    Trips for Kids Mid-Columbia is the youth program of Wheelhouse Community Bike Shop. Wheelhouse is a 100% volunteer-run non-profit that uses bicycles to improve peoples' lives. The cost of participation is $20/year for K-12 children. The program is not self-sustaining financially and depends on grants, donations, and volunteers to operate. Our capacity for registrations is a function of the number of adults we have riding with us. We are required to maintain a maximum ratio of six kids per adult. 

     Fall Ride Series Details

    Our fall ride series will take place on Saturday afternoons from September 24 through October 29. Depending on weather and interest, we may extend the rides until Thanksgiving, as the trails really shape up the more rain they get. We ride 5-8 miles on asphalt or 3-5 miles on dirt trails and rides are mostly flat. We spent 2 hours together, going over ABC Quick Checks, trail etiquette, riding, enjoying the outdoors, and eating Clif bars. 


    Current ride plans:

    1. 9/24 Bike Your Park Day: Port of Pasco to Sacajawea State Park. Enjoy the Heritage Festival for a while before returning to the Port of Pasco. (asphalt, 5 miles)
    2. 10/1 Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day: Chamna (dirt, 3-5 miles)
    3. 10/8 Leslie Groves Tennis Courts to Submarine and back via PNNL campus or directly back for slower groups (asphalt, 7.5 miles)
    4. 10/15 Eastern end of Wade Park to Chiawana Park playground, play for a while and then back (asphalt, 7.5 miles)
    5. 10/22 Chamna (dirt, 3-5 miles)
    6. 10/29 Chamna (dirt, 3-5 miles)


    Ride Volunteer Expectations

    • As a ride volunteer, you will follow a predefined route with a small pod of up to 6 kids who are all comfortable riding at the same speed. 
    • You will typically ride in front on a trail ride or at the back on an asphalt ride and provide route directions and reminders of trail etiquette as needed. 
    • If there are any issues you do not feel capable of dealing with yourself (e.g. flat tire, loose water bottle cage, first aid need) you will be able to contact me and I will provide support. 
    • Ride volunteers need to provide a schedule of which rides they can attend and 1 weeks' notice if plans change to give me enough time to find a replacement.
    • Ride volunteers need a mechanically sound bike, a helmet, and will carry a basic mobile tool kit that I can provide if needed.
    • Ride volunteers need to be members of Wheelhouse Community Bike Shop, but if the cost of membership is a barrier, your membership will be comped for the ride season to enable your participation as a volunteer.

    For more information, or to volunteer for this Fall, please email: or text at 443-208-8386.

  • 31 Mar 2022 3:25 PM | Stephanie Haug (Administrator)
  • 23 Sep 2021 12:47 PM | Stephanie Haug (Administrator)

    Help us plan for the future of parks and recreation!

    The City of Pasco is updating our Parks and Recreation Master Plan to guide investments and decisions into the future. We need your help to identify community needs and priorities for parks, trails and recreation facilities and activities in our city.

    Your insights are important! Please take a few minutes to complete the following questions. Then encourage other members of your household, friends, and neighbors to fill out a separate survey. Responses must be received by October 15, 2021. We will share results in fall of 2021.


    ¡Ayúdenos a planificar el futuro de nuestros parques y espacios de recreación!

    La Ciudad de Pasco está actualizando nuestro plan maestro para parques y espacios de recreación para guiar las futuras inversiones y decisiones. Necesitamos su ayuda para identificar las necesidades y prioridades de la comunidad en cuanto a parques, senderos, instalaciones y actividades de recreación en nuestra ciudad.

    ¡Sus puntos de vista son importantes! Tómese unos minutos para responder a las siguientes preguntas. Luego, motive a otros miembros de su familia, amigos y vecinos a completar una encuesta aparte. Las respuestas se deben recibir antes del 15 de Octubre de 2021. Compartiremos los resultados en el otoño de 2021.


    Contact Us

    City of Pasco

    525 N. 3rd Ave.

    Pasco, WA 99301


    Office Hours: Monday - Friday

    8:00am - 5:00pm

    Visit Our Website


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  • 9 Jun 2021 11:38 AM | Stephanie Haug (Administrator)

    Wheelhouse Community Bike Shop is partnering with Ben Franklin Transit for #BikeTheTri summer ride challenge. They want to see more people on bikes, anywhere, for any amount of time or distance!

    Check their website for lists of suggested rides to try, or make your own route with family and friends.

    Participate in #BikeTheTri to be entered for monthly prize drawings by using the instructions below.

  • 7 May 2021 1:24 PM | Stephanie Haug (Administrator)

    On Thursday, May 13, 2021 at 6pm, the City of Richland Parks and Recreation Commission will be discussing Trail Speeds and E-Bikes. It is important for our bike community to be part of these important discussions.

    The meeting will take place via Zoom.  You can attend by following the meeting link here:  

    Topic: Parks and Recreation Commission Meeting (SK)

    Time: May 13, 2021 06:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

    Join Zoom Meeting :

    Meeting ID: 814 1092 7563

    Here is the staff report for the Commission, as prepared by Joe Schiessl, Parks & Public Facilities Director:

    "Over the past year the City of Richland Parks and Recreation Commission has been considering the growing use of electric bicycles and scooters on Richland's streets, sidewalks, paved and unpaved pathways. The Commission is considering a recommendation for maximum speed limits (15 mph) on all paved, shared-use pathways (such as Keene Road Pathway, Riverfront Trail, Bypass Shelterbelt Trail, Urban Greenbelt Trail, Sacagawea Trail, and the Vantage Highway Trail) in addition to additional reduced speed limits (5 mph) along congested portions of paved, shared-use pathways such as in Howard Amon and Leslie Groves Parks. The Commission is also considering the use of electric assist bicycles on unpaved, soft-surface trails in the parks system including WE Johnson Park, Bateman Island, Amon Natural Preserve, Columbia Point South, Yakima Delta, and other locations.

    The State of Washington currently prohibits electric assist bicycles on unpaved "natural tread surfaces" (in Richland's case meaning dirt or sand trails in various locations) and allows electric assist bicycles on other unpaved soft surface trails improved with improved "tread surfaces" (in Richland's case meaning trails improved with gravel or wood chips in various locations). The State permits local governments to allow for electric assist bicycles on all unpaved trails, and without such an affirmative action, the RCW prohibits electric assist bicycles on "natural tread surfaces." The Parks and Recreation Commission is considering a recommendation to prohibit electric assist bicycles on unpaved soft surface trails.

    There are three defined categories of electric assist bicycles and the State of Washington currently prohibits the most powerful Class 3 electric assist bicycles on "shared use paths." The Parks and Recreation Commission is considering allowing all classes of electric assist bicycles, including Class 3, on shared use paths subject to speed limits.

    Tonight's hearing is an opportunity for the Parks and Recreation Commission to hear from interested persons and groups regarding the pros and cons of trail speed limits, and the appropriateness of electric assist bicycles on natural surface trails and other soft surface trails in Richland. Staff will overview the various issues and share images, aerial photography and maps as an introduction to the subject. Each member of the public will have an opportunity to provide up to a three minute comment on the issues, and the Parks and Recreation Commission will discuss the matter in a workshop setting and consider the feedback received. The Parks and Recreation Commission will not be making a formal recommendation on this subject at the meeting, but will engage in dialogue and conversation on the issue.

    The State Legislature recently took up this matter and directed the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Department of Natural Resources to undertake studies and to receive public input for lands managed by these State departments. Benton County has also begun a process to hear from area stakeholders on this issue related to County park land. While not necessary, it could be beneficial to develop a consistent approach on this subject throughout the Tri-Cities."

  • 9 Oct 2020 12:03 PM | Stephanie Haug (Administrator)

    Call for Volunteers

    Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) has just opened up their website to signups for the Bike/Ped Count Sites.  The counts will take place over the 3-day period of October 20-21-22.  Each volunteer needs to go to  for complete information and for the link to sign up.  On the signup link, choose either Franklin or Benton County to get the list of locations and times.  Remember, that any particular location only needs to be counted once in the morning and once in the afternoon during the 3-day Counting Period.  When you sign up for your Count Site(s), please also forward the information to Dave Beach, since we are unable to access who has signed up for a particular location and time.  We only see that someone has chosen that site, and we would like to be able to coordinate and communicate with the individual volunteers at the local level. Dave can be contacted at

    A few of the Count Sites in Richland have been reorganized with the hope of acquiring more useful data.  One new site in Pasco will be added, but is not yet uploaded to the WSDOT webpage -- check back soon.  It will be located at W. Lewis St & S. 10th Ave.  All Count Sites in the other cities remain the same as last year.  Sign up as soon as possible to get your favorite Count Location(s) and time(s)!  Please help us recruit other volunteers who may not have received this notice and would enjoy helping out.  It is always good to have a partner/backup for yourself.  Any questions,  please refer to the WSDOT website listed above, or contact Dave Beach.

  • 30 Sep 2020 4:01 PM | Stephanie Haug (Administrator)

    Benton Franklin Council of Governments (BFCG) is currently collecting responses for the 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan survey – it would be great if they could hear from lots of active transportation users and advocates about how citizens want the Tri-Cities to look in 25 years!   

    The survey can be found here:  

    Please feel free to share the survey with anyone who might be interested.

  • 6 Aug 2020 11:33 AM | Stephanie Haug (Administrator)

    Active Transportation planning provides safe streets for walkers and bikers and is essential to livable communities. In some areas of the Tri-Cities 18% of the population does not own a vehicle. Please voice support for the establishment of an Active Transportation citizen committee to identify gaps and barriers for active transportation in our region. You can comment via email and attend a virtual open house to discuss any areas of concern or needed improvements for safe biking and walking in our community:

    BFCG will be hosting a virtual open house to display the Regional Active Transportation Plan (ATP). The open house will be on Wednesday, August 12 from 4:00 – 6:00 pm and held via Zoom at the url posted here:

    Attend to learn about the region’s current and future active transportation system, upcoming projects that will benefit active transportation system, and the level of traffic stress (LTS) implemented in the Active Transportation Plan.

    To view the Draft Regional Active Transportation Plan


  • 16 Jun 2020 11:40 AM | Stephanie Haug (Administrator)

    Feedback Opportunity:

    Benton-Franklin Council of Governments- Provide Input for the Regional Active Transportation Plan (ATP)

    BFCG hosted a Regional Active Transportation Plan (ATP) Open House on Wednesday, January 22, at the Pasco Library. Attendees learned about current bicycle facilities in the Tri-Cities, provided input on for the Regional ATP update, and marked on maps of Benton and Franklin Counties where bicycle and pedestrian improvements/connections should be made.

    If you would like to fill out the survey and/or submit input on where bicycle/pedestrian improvements/connections should be made, please download the files below and submit them to Erin Braich at

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Bike Buzz Reports
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