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City of Pasco Transportation Master Plan Survey

12 May 2020 8:43 AM | Anonymous
The City of Pasco is working on their very first Transportation System Master Plan. The plan (TSMP) will serve as a guide for future transportation planning and investments to align with Pasco City Council Goals and the City's Community Vision. 
Pasco is a rapidly growing city, and your input and feedback on the existing transportation system, and what is necessary to meet their future needs are important.  It is a great opportunity for those of us passionate about non-motorized travel to express our thoughts to a captive audience

Please take your time with the survey and provide as much information as you believe is necessary. A few things to think about while taking the survey:

  • What are some areas of the city that could use better sidewalks
  • Are there any streets and/or neighborhoods that are difficult to ride a bike, walk, or push a stroller/wheelchair?
  • Do you experience any challenging (dangerous) intersections on your way to work, home or lunch?
The survey allows for you to be as detailed as possible, and we encourage you to take advantage. 

Your input is appreciated, and please feel free to share with your co-workers, neighborhoods, friends and businesses.
Here is the link to the survey:

Transportation Online Open House (Survey)


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